The World Academy of Sport (WAoS) delivers learning programmes for sports and event participants - athletes, managers, administrators, officials and coaches - through a series of tailored educational programmes.
WAoS Trainer Programme

Individuals nominated by their IF and with appropriate knowledge, skills and experience of delivering courses can apply to become a WAoS Trainer. Trainers develop Coach Educators and Match Official Educators who in turn develop coaches and match officials.

Benefits of attending
  • Exposure to best practice educational techniques to train and assess course participants
  • Opportunity to become certified as a WAoS Trainer
Who should attend?

Trainee Trainers should:

  • be nominated by their IF
  • have appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to deliver courses
  • have a genuine interest in wanting to develop others 
  • hold experience of presenting information to adult groups
  • adopt an interactive rather than lecturing approach
  • be open-minded, adaptable to change, welcome feedback and be willing to self-reflect
  • have successfully completed the appropriate online programmes 
This programme is being delivered as follows:
WAoS Trainer Programme
12 February - 14 February 2015
WAoS Trainer Programme
27 April - 3 May 2014
WAoS Trainer Programme
17 October - 20 October 2015
WAoS Trainer Programme
14 November - 16 November 2015