Welcome to the UWW Wrestling Academy

The Wrestling Academy was established in 2014 as a joint initiative of United World Wrestling and the World Academy of Sport. The vision of the Wrestling Academy is to develop a global workforce of trained individuals, knowledgeable and competent at applying their skill, helping to enable the continued global growth of the sport of wrestling.

Through the partnership the WAoS provide a robust and respected educational methodology, structuring and design process and the United World Wrestling bring the sport of wrestling, stakeholders and knowledge in order to create tailored programmes relevant for the global wrestling family. All nations will have the opportunity to benefit from its programme pathways as they are progressively developed.

This is a structured educational and experiential initiative of the United World Wrestling Academy, targeting to extract knowledge transfer outcomes from hosting the World Cup for future hosts of United World Wrestling major events around the world. Go to programme >>>
The READY to Wrestle online programme is open for everybody who wants to learn about wrestling history, rules, styles and traditions, and about the work of United World Wrestling. You might be a student, an athlete, a coach, an umpire, event organiser or an interested supporter of wrestling and the Olympic Games. Go to programme >>>
The Postgraduate Certificate in Sport Management, accredited through Royal Holloway, University of London, is designed to equip students with the tools and skills to excel in this burgeoning industry sector. Go to programme >>>
Individuals nominated by their IF and with appropriate knowledge, skills and experience of delivering courses can apply to become a WAoS Trainer. Trainers develop Coach Educators and Match Official Educators who in turn develop coaches and match officials. Go to programme >>>